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Where is the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Blue?

Where is the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Blue?

Celadon Dept. Store
Guide part 2

Item Name Description Location
Thunder Stone Used to evolve Pikachu and Eevee Celadon Dept. Store
Town Map Map of the island. Shows your location Pallet Town (receive from Gary’s sister)
Ultra Ball Capture high-level Pokemon Various
Water Stone Used to evolve Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu and Eeve Celadon Dept. Store

What evolves with a Thunder Stone?

The Thunder Stone is used to evolve Eevee into Jolteon and Pikachu into Raichu. The Leaf Stone is used to evolve Gloom into Vileplume, Weepinbell into Victreebel, and Exeggcute into Exeggutor.

How do you evolve Pikachu in blue rescue team?

Pikachu can be chosen as the player if the Personality test yields either the Impish (for males) or Hardy (for females) Nature. It evolves from Pichu when it has 6 ★ stars for IQ level (200 IQ points) and again into Raichu when an additional Thunderstone is used.

Does Pikachu need a Thunderstone to evolve?

That Pikachu is basically like the Pokemon from Let’s Go Pikachu and will not evolve, it just refuses. So you need to catch a random one, we have a guide on where to find them here. Once you catch a Pikachu, level it up to atleast 15 and then you can use a Thunderstone one it to evolve it into a Raichu.

How do you use a Thunderstone?

How to use the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Thunder Stone captured, open up the bag and then the ‘Other Items’ menu to use it on one of the Pokemon listed below. Do make sure that you don’t make the Pokemon hold it, as this won’t have any effect.

How do you get Squirtle in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

How To Get Squirtle. Squirtle can be chosen at the start of the game as either the player or partner. Squirtle can be recruited in the mid-early floors of Waterfall Pond with a recruit rate of 11.7%.

How do you get Pikachu in Pokemon dungeon?

Pikachu can be chosen at the start of the game as either the player or partner. Pikachu can be recruited exclusively at Lightning Field with a recruit rate of -19%.

Where do you get gold ribbon in Mystery Dungeon?

(Near Uproar Forest B7F Rank C) The code gives you a D-Ranked Rescue Job in Mt. Thunder to find a Gold Ribbon for 200 Poke. Go to Mt. Thunder, and find the wanted item. Then, before you leave the dungeon, equip it to one of your Pokemon.

Where do you get the Sun ribbon in Pokemon Blue?

The sun ribbon is in Wavern Hill. You will need an associated key for this item. Battle Zapdos a second time (after you have beaten Rayquaza) then have Zapdos join the party. This allows access to the “Friend Area Legendary Island”. Head for Mount Blaze (Moltres) or Frosty Grotto (Articuno).

Where do you find the rescue team in Pokemon Blue?

Go to Mount Thunder and clear floors F1 – F10 and Mt.Tunder Peak F1 – F2. On Mt. Tunder peak F3 you will face Zaptos and if you win Zapdos will want to jion your rescue team. This must be your 2nd time beating Zapdos. You must defeat Stormy Sea.

Where do you get Mew in Mystery Dungeon?

Mew has a 1 percent chance and you need to have the music box. To recruit the likes of Kecleon and other such pokemon, you need the friend bow (which bestows a 10 percent recruitment). Grab an Eevee at the Joyous Tower (floor 12 to 17). Increase its IQ to four stars with white and orange gummies (check Mount Steel for these items).