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Where is windshield washer motor located?

Where is windshield washer motor located?

Windshield washer pump (motor) is located at the bottom of the windshield washer fluid tank. In most cars, the windshield washer tank is located behind the front bumper, in front of one of the front wheels; see the illustration.

How do I reset my windshield washer?

There is no reset, when you fill it up it should go out, if not the sensor is defective in the washer fluid tank, a common problem.

How much does it cost to fix windshield washer pump?

The pump may crack or leak occasionally, and when that occurs, it is time to get it replaced. It’s going to cost you between $75 and $115 to replace the windshield washer pump. The labor on that replacement will be between $45 and $55, while parts can run you between $30 and $60.

Where is the reservoir on a Pontiac Grand Am?

The reservoir in the Pontiac Grand Am is the black-capped reservoir located in the engine compartment behind the front bumper, right behind and below the driver’s side headlamp assembly. Disconnect the battery’s negative cable, to avoid any electrical shocks.

Where is the fuse box on a Pontiac Grand Am?

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Pontiac Grand Am is the fuse #34 in the Engine compartment fuse box. There are two fuse blocks, which are located on the right and left in the dashboard, behind the covers.

Where can I get a new windshield washer reservoir?

Select a new windshield washer reservoir–the part number depends on the year of your Pontiac Grand Am. Order it from the dealer or online or get it from a salvage yard. Having the part before you begin, saves you time later.

How do you open the hood on a Pontiac Grand Am?

Choose a place to work on your Pontiac Grand Am. Put the car in park, turn it off, engage the emergency brake and open the hood by pulling the hood release. Find the auxiliary release latch by reaching under the center of the hood and pulling it or twisting it to open the hood.