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Which district of Odisha has largest area?

Which district of Odisha has largest area?

Mayurbhanj is the largest district and Jagatsinghpur is the smallest district in odisha.

What are the geographical features of Odisha?

Odisha can be divided into five major Physiographic regions based on continuity, homogeneity and other physiographical characteristics:

  • Utkal Plains or the coastal plains of the east.
  • The central plateaus.
  • The central mountainous and highlands region.
  • The western rolling uplands, and.
  • The main flood plains.

Which is the smallest district of Odisha by area?

Jagatsinghpur district
Having a geographical area of 1759 sq km, the Jagatsinghpur district is the smallest district in Odisha in terms of territorial location. This district has got a total population of 11,36,971 including 577,865 male and 559,106 female as per 2011 census.

What no of Orissa state in India in terms of area?

Orissa the tenth largest state in terms of area in the Indian Union is located in the northeastern Indian peninsula.

Which is the largest village in Odisha?


Country India
State Odisha
District Dhenkanal
Elevation 64 m (210 ft)

How many coastal districts are there in Odisha?

six coastal districts
The coastline of the state of Odisha is ~480km long and consists of six coastal districts. The southern tip of the Odisha coast borders the state of Andhra Pradesh and the northern end connects to the state of West Bengal.

Which district is in the middle of Odisha?

Odisha, a state on the eastern coast of India, is divided into 30 administrative geographical units called districts….Districts.

Districts Gajapati
Headquarters Paralakhemundi
Population (2011 Census) 577,817
Area (km²) 4,325
Density in 2011 (/km²) 133.6

How many districts are there in Orissa?

30 districts
Odisha, a state on the eastern coast of India, is divided into 30 administrative geographical units called districts. These 30 districts have been placed under three different revenue divisions to streamline their governance.

Which is the richest district in Orissa?

As per the survey, Khordha is the most developed and richest district in the state with 0.41 and ranks 104 among the 559 districts in the country while Cuttack is the second most developed district with a rank of 169. Besides, six Odisha districts have found place between 201 and 300 ranking list.

What is the population growth rate in Orissa?

The total population growth in this decade was 14.05 percent while in previous decade it was 15.94 percent. The population of Orissa forms 3.47 percent of India in 2011. In 2001, the figure was 3.58 percent. Literacy rate in Orissa has seen upward trend and is 72.87 percent as per 2011 population census.

What is the population of Odisha in India?

The Population of Odisha according to the 2011 census stands at about 41 million, making it the 11th most populated state in India. The state makes up about 3.4% of the country’s population a figure which was about 3% during the last census in 2001.

Which is the largest river in the state of Odisha?

About a third of the state has a green cover. Mahanadi is the largest river of the state and its catchment area covers 42% of the state. There are several other significant rivers that flow through the state such as the Subarnarekha, the Brahmani, the Baitarani, and the Vansadhara .

Which is the name of the coastal plain of Odisha?

Odisha Coastal Plains. This region is the combination of several deltas of varied sizes and shapes formed by the major rivers of Odisha, such as the Subarnarekha, the Budhabalanga, the Baitarani, the Brahmani, the Mahanadi, and the Rushikulya. Therefore, the coastal plain of Odisha is called the “Hexadeltaic region” or the “Gift of Six Rivers”.