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Who is Peter Lalor and what did he do?

Who is Peter Lalor and what did he do?

Peter Lalor (February 5, 1827 – February 9, 1889) was the leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion, one of Australia’s few violent protests and seen by many as the start of democracy in Australia. He later became an important politician in Victoria.

Who is Peter Lalor from the Eureka Stockade?

Peter Lalor facts for kids

Quick facts for kids Peter Lalor
Died February 9, 1889 died at his sons house Melbourne, Victoria
Cause of death Died from diabetes
Known for Leading the Eureka Rebellion, in which many Australians believe was the kick-starter to Australia’s Democratic government
Successor Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

What was Peter Lalor remembered?

Peter Lalor, (born February 5, 1827, Tinakill, Queen’s County [now County Laois], Ireland—died February 9, 1889, Melbourne, Australia), Irish-born Australian leader of the 1854 gold miners’ uprising at the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, Victoria, the most-celebrated rebellion in Australian history; subsequently he became …

Why did Peter Lalor stand up?

He joined the Ballarat Reform League, formed by miners on November 11, 1854, to protest high license fees, police mistreatment, lack of representation, and shortage of land. He and other rebellious miners were driven out of the Eureka Stockade on December 3, and Lalor was wounded in the assault and lost an arm.

Was Peter Lalor a convict?

On November 30 many of the diggers organized themselves into military companies and elected Peter Lalor, one of the Reform League’s representatives, as their commander in chief. Lalor escaped and remained in hiding until amnesty was declared. None of the rebels accused of treason was convicted.

Who was Peter Lalor and what did he do in Australia?

Lalor was the son of a Home Rule supporter and landowner, and he was trained as a civil engineer in Ireland. In the mass migration that followed the great Irish famine in the mid-19th century, Lalor and one of his brothers immigrated to Australia in 1852 (three other brothers went to the United States).

Why did Peter Lalor and his brother leave Ireland?

Lalor and his brother Richard left Ireland because of the Irish Potato Famine. They arrived in Australia in 1852. Lalor found work on a railway and then as a merchant. In 1854 he moved to Ballarat, where he worked as a gold miner, or digger.

How did Peter Lalor become the leader of the Diggers?

Lalor was chosen to be their leader. Lalor and the diggers marched to Eureka, where they built a stockade, or defensive enclosure. On December 3 the police and military attacked the stockade. Lalor lost an arm in the attack and then went into hiding for many weeks.

When did Peter Lalor’s wife and daughter die?

Lalor’s wife and daughter died in 1887, he was also sick with diabetes, so he stopped being Speaker, but stayed as representative for South Grant until his death. Lalor House, Joseph Lalor’s medical rooms & home in Richmond, is where Peter Lalor spent his later years until his death. Lalor married Alicia Dunne on 10 July 1855 in Geelong.