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Who sang the original Baby Please dont Go?

Who sang the original Baby Please dont Go?

“Baby Please Don’t Go” was one of the earliest songs recorded by Them, fronted by a 19-year-old Van Morrison….Van Morrison and Them rendition.

“Baby, Please Don’t Go”
Label Decca (UK) Parrot (US)
Songwriter(s) Traditional (Williams credited)
Producer(s) Bert Berns

Who played lead guitar on Baby Please Don t Go?

The 1935 original was issued on Bluebird by Joe Williams’s Washboard Blues Singers. This riotous dance version featured Joe on vocals and guitar along with Dad Tracy on one string fiddle and Kokomo Collins on Washboard.

Who first wrote the song Gloria?

Van Morrison
Gloria (Them song)

Songwriter(s) Van Morrison
Producer(s) Dick Rowe
Them singles chronology
“Baby, Please Don’t Go” (1964) “Gloria” (1964) “Here Comes the Night” (1965)

Who sings If You Leave Me Now?

If You Leave Me Now/Artists

When did Please don’t go release?

Please Don’t Go/Released

What height is Van Morrison?

5′ 5″
Van Morrison/Height

Who plays Van Morrison’s guitar?

Dave Keary is the youngest of his family, brought up in a house filled with music. His father Liam was a gifted musician. Dave and his three siblings now enjoy busy careers in music. Dave is one of the country’s foremost musicians, session guitarists and producers.

Did Jimmy Page play with Van Morrison?

When Jimmy Page Joined Van Morrison and Them on the 1964 ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ Session. It can’t be a good feeling when members of a band turned up at a record date to find session musicians ready to take their place.

What song does Butters sing?

“If You Leave Me Now” is a soft rock ballad by Peter Cetera of Chicago. It has been sung by Butters in two episodes; the Season Seven episode, “Casa Bonita”, and the Season Eight episode, “AWESOM-O”.

What year was If You Leave Me Now released?

If You Leave Me Now/Released

When did Baby Please Don’t Go come out?

Original song. Big Joe Williams used the imprisonment theme for his October 31, 1935, recording of “Baby, Please Don’t Go”. He recorded it during his first session for Lester Melrose and Bluebird Records in Chicago.

What kind of songs did Big Bill Broonzy write?

Broonzy copyrighted more than 300 songs during his lifetime, including both adaptations of traditional folk songs and original blues songs. As a blues composer, he was unique in writing songs that reflected his rural-to-urban experiences. Born Lee Conley Bradley, he was one of the 17 children of Frank Broonzy (Bradley) and Mittie Belcher.

When did John Williams record Baby Please Don’t Go?

The song became a hit and established Williams’ recording career. On December 12, 1941, he recorded a second version titled “Please Don’t Go” in Chicago for Bluebird, with a more modern arrangement and lyrics. Blues historian Gerard Herzhaft calls it “the most exciting version”, which Williams recorded using his trademark nine-string guitar.

When did Big Bill Broonzy start his career?

Broonzy recorded several sides released in the spring of 1931 under the name Big Bill Johnson. In March 1932 he traveled to New York City and began recording for the American Record Corporation on their line of less expensive labels ( Melotone Records, Perfect Records and others).