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Who was the treasury secretary under Bill Clinton?

Who was the treasury secretary under Bill Clinton?

Robert Rubin
Succeeded by David Rubenstein
70th United States Secretary of the Treasury
In office January 11, 1995 – July 2, 1999
President Bill Clinton

Why did Hamilton stop being Secretary of Treasury?

The Mint became an independent agency in 1797 and was eventually transferred to Treasury in 1873. Under personal financial pressure, his office paying only $3500 a year, Hamilton resigned in 1795 and joined the New York bar.

How old is the Treasury Secretary?

Instead, the 74-year-old built up her small fortune over time, through years in academia and government, cashing in most clearly after she left her position as Fed chair in 2018 and started giving speeches in corporate America.

Who was the 71st Secretary of the Treasury?

Lawrence Summers (1999 – 2001) Lawrence H. Summers was sworn in as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury in July 1999 after serving as Under Secretary for International Affairs and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

How is the Secretary of the Treasury nominated?

The secretary of the treasury is a member of the president’s Cabinet, and is nominated by the president of the United States. Nominees for secretary of the treasury undergo a confirmation hearing before the United States Senate Committee on Finance before being voted on by the United States Senate .

Who was the Treasury Secretary during the New Deal?

Henry Morgenthau (1934 – 1945) ••• reBlog Henry Morgenthau was Treasury Secretary under both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. He was a co-author of the New Deal, an aggressive spending program designed to create jobs, set up social safeguards and end the Great Depression of 1929.

What did Timothy Geithner do before becoming Secretary of Treasury?

Prior to serving as Treasury secretary, Geithner was head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. In this role, he was intimately involved in guiding the bank bailouts intended to soften the 2008 financial crisis. He also guided European leaders during the financial crisis. 13