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Who won the 1995 Currie Cup?

Who won the 1995 Currie Cup?


1995 Currie Cup
Champions Natal
Runners-up Western Province
Matches played 31
1996 →

When did Northern Transvaal join Currie Cup?

The union experienced their first taste of success eight years later when the NTRU lifted the Currie Cup for the first time in 1946. The Vodacom Blue Bulls have since gone onto winning the Currie Cup on 24 occasions.

Who won the Currie Cup in 1996?

the Natal
The competition was won by the Natal for the fourth time in their history; they beat the Transvaal 33–15 in the final played on 24 October 1996….

1996 Currie Cup
Champions Natal (4th title)
Runners-up Transvaal
Matches played 91
1997 →

What year did the Blue Bulls win the Currie Cup?

All five of the so-called ‘big unions’ have won the Currie Cup on at least one occasion in the last 20 years; the Golden Lions (formerly Transvaal) have won the trophy 3 times in 1999, 2011 and 2015; Western Province have won the trophy on six occasions in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2012, 2014, and 2017; the Blue Bulls ( …

Who won the Currie Cup last year?

Sir Donald was clear with his instructions – hand this trophy over to the team in South Africa that gives you the best game. After a spirited display where the unbeaten British Lions narrowly won 3-0, Griqualand West became the first ever holders of the Currie Cup….CARLING CURRIE CUP PREMIER DIVISION.

Team Toyota Cheetahs
PF 297
PA 336
DIFF -39
TF 39

What is the oldest rugby competition?

the United Hospitals Cup
The oldest Rugby Union competition is the United Hospitals Cup, first played in 1875 between teams representing hospitals in England.

How much does a Springbok rugby player get paid?

Rugby in South Africa has a lot more structure compared to football. Players have minimum wages… The lowest earning players earn R240 000 per year all the way to R2 million per year. There are 30 players who earn a minimum of R35 000 per month on top of their central contracts…

When did the Northern Transvaal rugby team start?

The team as it is known today has its beginnings in 1938 when the then Northern Transvaal Rugby Union broke away from the Transvaal Rugby Football Union to gain status as an independent rugby union. The new team was named Northern Transvaal and donned light blue jerseys with a red Barberton daisy emblem.

Who was head coach of South Africa in 1995?

The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final will be re-screened on SS1 at 3pm today. A number of the 1995 squad will tweet memories during the game. This was the squad that won the RWC1995 and the hearts of a nation. South Africa 1995 squad: Head Coach: Kitch Christie.

When did Northern Transvaal play in the Currie Cup?

Northern Transvaal next appeared in the Currie Cup final in the 1954 season against Western Province but this time Western Province ran out winners; after being up 11-0 at half time they eventually won the game 11-8. The match was played at Newlands.

Who are the players of the Northern Transvaal?

Other players included Gavin Johnson, Rudolph Straeuli, Theo van Rensburg, Heinrich Rodgers, Johan Roux, Gerbrandt Grobler and Hannes Strydom. The biggest upset came when two Northern Transvaal stalwarts for many years, Ray Mordt and Kitch Christie accepted offers from Transvaal boss Louis Luyt to coach.