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Who won the Scottish League in 1941?

Who won the Scottish League in 1941?

Season Winners Score
1940-41* Rangers 4-2 (Replay)
1941-42* Rangers 2-0
1942-43* Rangers 1-1 (11-3 Corners)
1943-44* Hibernian 0-0 (6-5 Corners)

Who are the oldest football clubs in Scotland?

Queen’s Park was Scotland’s first football club, founded in 1867. It is the oldest existing football club outside England.

How did the Scottish League Cup get its name?

The Scottish League Cup was formed, operated by and named after the Scottish Football League (SFL), who continued to operate it after the top division clubs formed the Scottish Premier League (SPL) in 1998. The competition is now organised by the SPFL, the body formed by the merger of the SPL and SFL in 2013.

Which is the second most important football cup in Scotland?

The Scottish League Cup is a knockout cup competition in Scottish football, organised by the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). It is considered to be the second most important domestic cup competition in Scottish football, after the Scottish Cup.

How many times has Celtic won the Scottish League Cup?

Each Old Firm club has also won the Scottish League Cup to complete a treble seven times. In the 1966–67 season, Celtic took all three domestic trophies, and also won the European Cup to complete the only quadruple to date. Suspended due to World War II.

Which is the highest Football League in Scotland?

The Scottish football champions are the winners of the highest league in Scottish football, namely the Scottish Football League (SFL) from 1890 until 1998, the Scottish Premier League (SPL) from 1998 until 2013 and the Scottish Premiership thereafter. The SFL was established in 1890,…