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Who worked with Benny Goodman?

Who worked with Benny Goodman?

Goodman began to make recordings under his own name in 1931 and assembled his band three years later. His friend the producer John Hammond helped him connect with the first-rate arranger Fletcher Henderson, who had been working for several years with Black orchestras.

Who were the members of the Benny Goodman band?

Goodman and his band, which included Bunny Berrigan, drummer Gene Krupa, and singer Helen Ward were met by a large crowd of young dancers who cheered the music they had heard on Let’s Dance.

Who were some of the musicians that Goodman helped launch careers in jazz?

Goodman the person Two of the finest musicians ever to work with Goodman were pianist Teddy Wilson (1912–1986) and vibraphonist-drummer Lionel Hampton (1909–2002).

Did Glenn Miller serve in the military?

Although Miller had joined the Army Air Forces and created a new band, he remained as popular as ever with the civilian population.

What are facts about Benny Goodman?

Benny Goodman Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Early Life. The Goodman family had to leave the Russian Empire to live in the United States. Early Music Career. Benny Goodman joined the American Federation of Musicians when he was only 14 years old. Later Music Career. Movies. Awards. Family Life. Death.

What was Benny Goodman’s nickname?

Benjamin David Goodman, better known as ‘Benny Goodman’, was a leading jazz clarinet player and an outstanding bandleader of the Swing Era (1935-1945). He was famously nicknamed as the ‘King of Swing’ by his band mates.

Who was Benny Goodman’s wife?

Benny Goodman married Alice Hammond Duckworth in 1942, with whom he had two children, Rachel Goodman Edelson and Benjie Goodman Lasseau. His wife died in 1978. He suffered a heart attack and died on June 13, 1986. He was buried in Long Ridge Cemetery in Stamford , Connecticut.

How did Benny Goodman die?

Benny Goodman Death. Benny passed away on June 13, 1986 at the age of 77 in New York, New York. Benny’s cause of death was heart attack. Benny Goodman death quick facts: