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Why are sacred groves highly?

Why are sacred groves highly?

The sacred groves are highly protected because they have religious and cultural values. They also have a large number of rare and threatened plant species.

What is sacred groves and its importance?

Sacred grove of India are forest fragments of varying sizes, which are communally protected, and which usually have a significant religious connotation for the protecting community. Hunting and logging are usually strictly prohibited within these patches. Some NGOs work with local villagers to protect such groves.

Why are sacred groves so much sacred for the local people of Meghalaya?

In Meghalaya, sacred groves represent an age old tradition of environmental conservation based on indigenous knowledge, culture and religious beliefs. The local tribal people believe that ‘U Basa’ or goddess dwell among these thick and virgin forests.

What are sacred groves where are they found what is their role in biodiversity?

Sacred groves are found in Rajasthan, Western Ghats of Karnataka,and Maharashtra , Meghalaya, and Madhya Pradesh. Sacred groves help in the protection of many rare, threatened, and endemic species of plants and animals found in an area. Hence, the sacred grove biodiversity is a rich area.

Why are sacred groves highly protected give any two reasons?

Sacred groves are highly protected-because of religious and cultural traditions refugees for large number of rare and threatened plants ecologically unique and biodiversity rich regions. Detailed Answer: The sacred groves are forest fragments which are regenerated around places of worship.

How are sacred groves protected?

Sacred Groves are relic forest patches traditionally protected by communities in reverence of a deity. These forest patches protected for deities provide vital ecosystem services to local people.

What is the benefit of sacred groves trees and plants?

The combination of the trees and the various medicinal plants found in sacred groves, impacts greatly upon the surrounding areas. They have been shown to improve soil stability, prevent topsoil erosion and provide irrigation for agriculture in dry, arid climates; as well as providing healing sanctuaries and medicines.

How are sacred groves useful for us?

Sacred groves are maintained for conserving rare and threatened species. They harbour plants and animals which fear a threat of extinction in neighbouring areas and thus they have a lot of genetic diversity. Hence, this is the correct answer.

What are sacred groves why they are called treasure of biodiversity?

Sacred groves are tracts of virgin forests that have cultural or spiritual significance for the people who live around them. They are among the few least disturbed forest patches which are serving as the natural treasure house of biodiversity and a refuge for a large number of endemic, endangered and rare taxa.

What are sacred groves what is their role in conservation?

Sacred groves are the smaller areas of religious belief where a particular plant species is grown and is considered sacred. Having religious content, these plants species are protected from the local communities and thereby helps in the conservation of the species.

What are the objectives of sacred groves?

Besides these, sacred groves play a great role in maintaining the microclimate of the region. Conservation of these groves can conserve water and, prevent soil and nutrient loss. Sacred groves also help in preserving the religious and cultural heritage of Meitei culture.

How do sacred groves help in the conservation of biodiversity?

Sacred Groves are relic forest patches traditionally protected by communities in reverence of a deity. Sacred Groves form important repositories of forest biodiversity and provide refuge to many plant and animal species of conservation significance. India has well over 13,000 documented Sacred Groves.

Why do people believe in the sacred groves?

They believe that the person who harms the sacred groves is harmed by the presiding God or Goddess. These religious beliefs help in the conservation of the sacred groves and the diverse species residing on it.

Which is the most famous sacred grove in the world?

In history 1 Ancient Greece and Rome. The most famous sacred groves in mainland Greece was the oak grove at Dodona. 2 Ancient Near East. Abraham planted a grove in Beersheba, and called there the name of God. 3 Baltic polytheism. 4 Celtic polytheism. 5 Filipino animism.

Where are the sacred groves located in Ghana?

Sacred groves are also present in Ghana. One of Ghana’s most famous sacred groves – the Buoyem Sacred Grove – and numerous other sacred groves are present in the Techiman Municipal District and nearby districts of the Brong Ahafo Region.

Why was the sacred grove of Courland important?

For Curonians sacred groves were closely associated with the cult of the dead. By the early 15th century, with the disappearance of cremation traditions among the Curonians the sacred groves of Courland had lost their crematory function but remained as an inviolable place reserved for the dead.