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Why is a seismograph considered an important tool in studying earthquakes?

Why is a seismograph considered an important tool in studying earthquakes?

Seismographs are instruments used to record the motion of the ground during an earthquake.

How can scientists use a seismograph to determine the density and depth of earth’s layers?

Scientists can tell by observing the seismic waves that are recorded all over the surface of the earth from distant earthquakes. The seismic waves are reflected (bounced off) layers of different density, and they are refracted (bent) when they enter layers of different density.

Which of the subsequent refers to the place where the earthquake start?

The location below the earth’s surface where the earthquake starts is called the hypocenter, and the location directly above it on the surface of the earth is called the epicenter.

Is the seismograph still used today?

Seismographs are instruments used to measure seismic waves produced by earthquakes. Scientists use these measurements to learn more about earthquakes. While the first seismograph was made in ancient China, today’s modern instruments are based on a simple design first created in the 1700s.

What are the facts about a seismograph?

Facts, application & working of seismograph 1 Facts about Seismograph. A sensitive and magnify instrument can easily detect strong earthquake from source anywhere in the world. 2 Working of a seismograph. A seismometer consists of a mass hanged to the frame with a fixed base. 3 Definition of Seismogram. 4 Applications of a seismograph.

Can A Space Shuttle seismograph record an earthquake?

(Public domain.) This electronic seismometer is a state-of-the art instrument. It can accurately record both small local earthquakes and large distant ones. It can also record earth tides and the sonic boom produced by the Space Shuttle as it flies into Edwards Air Force Base.

What happens when there is no earthquake reading?

When there is NO EARTHQUAKE reading, there is just a straight line except for small wiggles caused by local disturbance or “noise” and the time markers. Seismograms are digital now – there are no more paper recordings. What is a Geoid?

Is the seismograph also known as a foreshock?

The seismograph is also known as a seismometer. Sometimes the series of tremor called foreshock can be felt before the actual earthquake happens. At that time this instrument becomes boon for us.