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Why is Mary Wilson important?

Why is Mary Wilson important?

Mary Wilson (March 6, 1944 – February 8, 2021) was an American singer. She gained worldwide recognition as a founding member of The Supremes, the most successful Motown act of the 1960s and the best-charting female group in U.S. chart history, as well as one of the best-selling girl groups of all-time.

Has Mary Wilson died?

February 8, 2021
Mary Wilson/Date of death

Does Mary Wilson like Diana Ross?

Alas, Ross and Wilson are not friends today. Says Wilson, “We’re related, we’re sisters ’til the day we die but sometimes sisters don’t talk for awhile. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. I love her, and she loves me as well but life is different than the movies.”

Did one of The Supremes died?

Mary Wilson, founding member of the Supremes, dies at age 76. Mary Wilson, a founding member of The Supremes, died Monday at her home in Las Vegas at the age of 76, her publicist said in a statement. She died naturally of hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the Clark County medical examiner said.

What did Mary Wilson do for a living?

Ms. Wilson used her fame and flair to promote a diversity of humanitarian efforts including ending hunger, raising HIV/AIDS awareness and encouraging world peace. Mary was working on getting a U.S. postage stamp of her fellow band mate and original Supreme Florence Ballard who passed away in 1976.

Where did Mary Wilson of the Supremes die?

Mary Wilson, founding and original member of The Supremes, passed away suddenly this evening according to a statement from her longtime friend and publicist, Jay Schwartz. She was at her home in Henderson, NV.

What did Mary Wilson do for World AIDS Day?

In Mozambique and Botswana, Ms. Wilson addressed young people about the dangers of HIV and AIDS and her quest for world peace. In November 2004, she was one of the featured performers to headline the United Nations’ “World AIDS Day” concert at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City.

Who are the family members of Mary Wilson?

She was 76. She is survived by: her daughter Turkessa and grandchildren (Mia, Marcanthony, Marina); her son, Pedro Antonio Jr and grandchildren (Isaiah, Ilah, Alexander, Alexandria); her sister Kathryn; her brother, Roosevelt; her adopted son/cousin William and grandchildren (Erica (great granddaughter, Lori), Vanessa, Angela).