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Why is the reason why female students are now required to take NSTP?

Why is the reason why female students are now required to take NSTP?

Because females fight for gender equality so they should also required to take the NSTP and besides they are also students, It shouldn’t be a privileged to not take NSTP just simply because you are female, Females are also obligated to help the countries in times of need.

What do you think is the purpose of NSTP to you as a student?

How is NSTP beneficial to the students? Its main objective is to train and teach students to acquire various principles that will be helpful in the development of their life and the community. This program is so beneficial for it is one way for the students to learn and train to become well-disciplined and effective.

How can NSTP students serve the community?

Why NSTP is important to you as a student essay? This program is useful because students train to become well-disciplined and efficient. NSTP courses are effective in teaching self-improvement, performance, and community involvement. The main goal of the NSTP law is to uphold the role of the youth in nation-building.

Why do you think that service is the heart of NSTP?

It gives you the chance to be socially involved and have deeper awareness of yourself in relation to others. NSTP endows you with theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences that are needed for community service. It opens a window for you to see the current situation of your community.

What did you learn from the NSTP Program?

What did you learn from NSTP? I’ve realized that NSTP served as an eye opener to us students, as we become aware of the current situation of our country–poverty. I have learned the value of having a family who can provide their basic needs. I’m very fortunate that I am going to a school with quality education.

Why are female students allowed to go to college?

Female students are now allowed to take the program as well because in this day and age, the recognition that limiting the participation of females in certain aspects of society can prove to be counterproductive because as humans, they can give just as much as men.

What do female students do in the Philippines?

Women studying in the Philippines are expected to undertake the National Service Training Program. The program gives three options to enroll in; Military Training Service, Literacy Training Program or Civic Welfare Services, the latter two are completed in the community.