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How do you do question 67 on the impossible quiz?

How do you do question 67 on the impossible quiz?

Right after you put the mouse on the dot, right-click, move your mouse to the green button (you can touch red if you have right-clicked), and hit “Esc”. After you hit escape, you will no longer be able to touch red, but you are still visible. You can then find your way to the key and through the rest of the maze.

What is the answer to number 69 on the impossible quiz?

The correct option is “Plaster”, which combines both “plastic” and “paper” into one word. It’s worth noting that the term “plaster” refers to a building material used for coating walls and ceilings, and also to adhesive bandage.

What is the answer to 77 on impossible Quiz?

Question 77 of The Impossible Quiz is another picture question, asking “What is this?”. There is a picture of an object which resembles some kind of bag or oven glove with a red “T” on it. The possible choices are “Teabag”, “Testicle”, “Mr T’s oven glove”, and “Question 77”.

What is 76 on the impossible Quiz?

Question 76 from The Impossible Quiz reads “… You are my candy girl.”, with four clickable objects below, in the forms of a bag of sugar, a jar of strawberry jam, a jar of marmalade, and a smaller jar of honey.

What is the answer to question 71 on the impossible quiz?

The correct one is “Italy”, because the question is referring to none other than Mario, that short, moustached Italian plumber that always rescues Princess Peach from the series’s main villain, Bowser.

How do you do level 66 on the impossible quiz?

The answer is NOT “D”, but rather the exclamation mark located at the very end of the sentences on the top, right after the words “the world”. Click it in order to proceed.

How do you beat question 68 on the impossible quiz?

Question 68 of The Impossible Quiz contains the series’ mascot, Chris the cat, sitting on a chair, and beside him a vertical bar. There is no message of any kind on screen. To get past this question, you need to stroke Chris using the cursor so that the bar rises.

How many levels are there in the impossible quiz?

The Impossible Quiz level 1-10 answers and walkthroughs for the first of 110 levels in this uber-tough game. inXile Entertainment is the creator of The Impossible Quiz, the most difficult online brain teaser to ever exist. Can’t pass the test? Don’t give up hope.

Can You Put your mouse on the impossible quiz?

You cannot put the mouse back onto the screen at any time during the question, otherwise it will reset. In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, since there is no cursor (because there is no mouse either), the task was changed to “Elephants like being touched!”.

Which is the second safe question in the impossible quiz?

Question 34 of The Impossible Quiz is the second safe question in the game, since there is no way for you to lose a life here. The task on the upper part of the screen says “Elephants don’t like mice!”. Below that, there’s a mouse hole, and next to the hole a sign pointing at it, with an elephant head and a number 3 written.

What happens at the end of the impossible quiz?

In order to proceed, you have to put your finger on the screen and hold it until the three elephants have gone inside the mouse hole. At the very end of The Impossible Quiz Book, the elephant from this question, frightened, can be seen being sucked into the black hole along with everything else from the Impossible Quiz series.