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Why are you interested in nursing?

Why are you interested in nursing?

I wanted to do something in my career that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people’s lives daily. In the nursing profession, you deal with many aspects of patient care, and I enjoy the variety in the routine. The candidate also makes a point to mention that patient care is a priority.

What interests people about nursing?

Registered nurses typically have the following interests: Have social interests. They like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They like to communicate with others: to teach, give advice, help, or otherwise be of service to others.

Why are you pursuing a career in nursing?

“I have always been motivated by helping others achieve their goals. The rewarding nature of the job, combined with the potential to enjoy stable work opportunities have motivated me to pursue a career in nursing that I hope to continue growing in for the entirety of my professional life.”

What makes nursing exciting?

Nursing offers you the opportunity to adapt your professional life to fit your lifestyle. For example, you’ll find work in a variety of geographical locations and work environments. You may choose to work full time or part time and may choose from shifts as short as 4 hours and as long as 12.

What are some reasons to become a nurse?

Nurses have always been portrayed as professionals dedicated to caring and curing. Some women and girls have become nurses because they highly value their job aimed at making a difference every day. Others have become nurses because they are satisfied with the pay and benefits for nursing services.

Why you should become a nurse?

7 Reasons Why You Should Become A Nurse (Instead Of A Doctor) Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors. Flexibility and numerous career opportunities. Nursing education demands less time. Nurses are lifestyle counselors. They work cross-culturally. Retention rate of hospitals is dependent on the nurses. No appointments for nurses.

Why do I Love being a nurse?

Variety of fields. Nurses value the opportunity to work in a variety of settings.

  • Connecting with patients and making a difference. The healthcare industry serves a broad spectrum of people,and nurses encounter individuals from all walks of life.
  • Fascination for medical science.
  • Perks that come with the job.
  • Suitable environment.
  • Why did I become a nurse?

    10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nursing A career in nursing offers plenty of choices so you can adapt your profession to fit your lifestyle. The career mobility is outstanding. The opportunities for learning are endless. Collaborative partnerships: working with and leading other professions. Nursing grads have the opportunity for a longer and optimized orientation experience as a new hire.